Harry Potter Inspired Mandrake Planters

harry potter mandrake planters

Harry Potter inspired Mandrake planters – This prop is a baby Mandrake inspired from the famous movies of the Harry Potter saga. We can briefly see their grown up version in the second film, The Chamber of Secrets.
mandrake planter

Cute and easy to care for, this little plant is the perfect gift for any fan of the Harry Potter universe, or simply for anyone who wants to create his own creative garden spot.


mandrake planter

Wrapped up in it’s comfy clay pot garnished with Icelandic moss and sisal cover, it happily stays there as long as nobody comes and wake it up. Please note that it is indeed a fake plant that does not require water and most importantly does not scream extremely loudly when picked up.


mandrake planter
Each piece are handmade and display a high level of detail, which makes all of them unique. They may come with very slight variations in tints compared to the photos though.


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