10 Must Have Star Wars Car Accessories

10 must have star wars car accessories


Buckle up for lightspeed with these awesome Star Wars products!

Time and time again, we’ll be happy to tell you that here at Shut Up and Take My Money that every day is Star Wars day. So much that we’d like to see you traveling with those Star Wars merchandise wherever you go. Here are 10 must-have Star Wars Car Accessories that you can’t miss out on.

Chewbacca Seat Belt Cover

chewbacca seat belt cover

“It’s a STRAP!!”

One of our in-house creations that’s handmade using faux fur and high-quality marine vinyl trim in alternating light grey and dark grey accents. It gives you that security that Chewie has been giving Han Solo all this time while you drive around in your own Millennium Falcon. We’re also on sale right now so you could get this for 35% off. Don’t miss out on this chance!

Get this strap here before the dark side reaches you!

Tie Fighter Car Clip

tie fighter car clip

Made in the mold of Star Wars’ short-ranged assault craft, we bring you this wonderful car accessory that secures your phone in place while you use it for navigation and all other purposes while driving. It could rotate for up to 90 degrees and should handily fit any mobile phone of up to 8 cm wide. Pre-order now before everyone else does!

Merchoid is waiting for your orders!

R2D2 Car Charger

r2d2 car charger

We introduced you to an R2D2 freezer the other day and we’d like you to have one of his brothers with you in your car. This officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise was made to make sure you’d always be on the go with your devices (it could charge up to 2 tablets at the same time!) while you’re traveling. Its flexible arms make it easy to maneuver and be placed where you’d like it to be. It also makes that squeaky, cute sounds when you plug your phone in. Ahhh.. Isn’t it great to have your own R2 with ya?

Our friends from ThinkGeek will be more than happy to give you one today.

Star Wars Darth Vader Floor Mats

darth vader floor mats


Not sure if that’s what you’d like to hear but that’s what we hear our dads say when he’s cleaning our car mats. This custom Darth Vader mats are easy to clean with soap and water so we know that your father won’t be crying out loud when he’s checking on it. It also fits most domestic and import vehicles so we’re quite sure you’d be able to get one today.

Our friends from Amazon would be glad to assist you in meeting your father.

Death Star USB Car Charger

death star usb car charger

Are you mad at that car in front of you? Don’t honk your horns. Plug your phone on into this elegant Death Star Car Charger and listen to Grand Moff Tarkin’s instructions. “You may fire when ready” is such sweet music to hear to let off that traffic rage. Just have it play in your head without actually hurting anyone. This car charger should take care of your battery needs (for iPhones, smartphones, iPads, tablets, GPSes, etc. as long as you have the cable with you) and will also let you charge up to two devices at the same time. The sound effects are dope and should keep you running when you’re in that fit.

Blast that death star with this charger from ThinkGeek.

Empire Doesn’t Care About Your Family

empire doesn't care about your family car decal

Don’t get the item title wrong — the Empire actually does care and that’s why we want you to have this decal up there in your car. We’re quite sure that you’re fed up with the usual stick figure decals hanging at the back of the car in front of you where Mommy, Daddy, Baby and their neighbor are portrayed in a straight line. This decal is all about business and shatters that idea while letting them know about your plans with the Empire.

Get that extra swag from Amazon for less than $13.

Millennium Falcon Sunshade

millennium falcon sunshade

“Okay, let’s park beside this car that Chewie, Han Solo, Obi-Wan… wait, what?”

Won’t it be cool if people think that you’re driving around these guys? People would hang out with the good guys anytime they could and this sunshade will make your car look like it’s the Millennium Falcon. Universal in size with a measurement of 0.25″W x 57″D x 28H”, this officially licensed product will make your car look awesome even though its stationary — while keeping it protected from sunlight and everything else, of course.

Turn your ride to a Millennium Falcon via Amazon.

Star Wars Lightsaber Keys

lightsaber keys

Another one of our exclusive creations that will make you feel like a true Jedi every time you touch it. These custom designed, uniquely shaped, and digitally printed space keys will modify your personal keys to look just like your favorite colored lightsaber. Just be wary of the instructions and guidelines on what keys are good enough for replicating using these sabers — we don’t want you to leave you hanging just because they don’t match!

Enter the domain of the galaxy far, far away by getting your own lightsaber keys from us.

Lightsaber Wiper Covers

lightsaber wiper covers

Don’t you feel like wiping some bug off your back windshield using the force? Fret not, for the ability to do so is within your reach! These rear wipers are here to display your force to the cards behind you without reflecting and hindering their vision, but fascinating their eyesight in the process as well. This 15″ universal saber fits all rear wipers, regardless of blade size and is durable/weather resistant with UV protected inks to keep its lightsaber image intact.

Time to get your own saber now from our shop.

Star Wars Death Star Shift Knob

death star shift knob

We’d like you to have the Death Star in your hands.. literally. Drive around town with this makeshift knob that could also work as a beer tap system based on your liking. It measures 2.25″H x 2.25W x 2.25″D and sizes could be customized to fit your car. The guys from Etsy aren’t accountable for wrong sizes, so make sure that you have it right before ordering!

Make the Death Star yours today via Etsy.

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