Top 12 Geeky Halloween Dog Costumes

geeky dog halloween costumes


Top 12 Geeky Halloween Dog Costumes – Halloween is near and your dog needs to be ready for trick and treat, too. So what do we do? We compiled a list of the coolest costumes they could use just for you!

Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

rodeo dog costume

Dogs are men’s best friend and apparently, also that of cowboys. Let them be the ultimate rodeo canine by getting them this galloping costume from Amazon now!

Panda Puppy Dog Costume

panda dog costume

Pandas and dogs are arguably two of the cutest animals on earth. Why not make them one? Amazon gives you that power if you get this cute costume today.

Star Wars Ewok Dog Costume


We don’t recall Ewoks being this adorable. Prove everyone wrong by turning your pet into one with the help of Amazon!

Ghostbusters Dog Costume

ghostbusters dog costume If there’s something strange in you neighborhood.. Who you gonna call? Arf arf arf.

Jurassic Park Dog Costume

t-rex dog costume


Hard not to be scared by a T-Rex on all fours. We’re quite sure if could run fast enough to eat you whole. Mutate your dog into an ancient creature via Amazon.

Bantha Dog Costume

bantha dog costume

Turn earth into Tattoine with dogs dressed up as Banthas. Our friends from Amazon share the same Star Wars passion as you and can make this happen!

Spock Dog Costume

spock dog costume

Live long and prosper your canine will if it’s possessed by Spock. Let Amazon take your pup to the world of Star Trek and beyond!


Puppy Latte Dog Costume

dog latte costume

Coffee lovers beware! You’re not supposed to drink your dog but can everyone else resist it? Amazon has the answers for you.

AT-AT Imperial Dog Costume

star wars at-at dog costume

In a galaxy far, far, away, some stray dog fired beams away. Not the fanciest of costumes but Amazon is your home for everything that’s Star Wars-related.

Tarantula Dog Costume

tarantula dog costume

We’re sure that no one has seen a tarantula that’s this big and fluffy. Be that unique yet creepy dog owner with the help of Amazon today.

DC Villains and Heroes Batman Dog Costume

batman dog costume

The Justice League is here and they even took some villains with them! Oh, not really. It’s just your dog. Show some DC loving by getting these from Amazon today.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dog Costume

ninja turtle dog costume

Cowabunga! Master Splinter would be proud of your pet. No April O’ Neal needed, just a trip to Amazon, really.

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