The Unicork Bottle Opener Corkscrew

unicork bottle opener corkscrew

This Unicork is the cutest bottle opener ever! Oh and its horn doubles as a corkscrew.

unicork corkscrew

As both a functional and decorative item, the Unicork makes for an excellent gift to anyone who enjoys unicorn novelties. This beautiful and unusual corkscrew bottle opener combination is unlike anything else available. While other comparable unicorn corkscrews often break with use, the Unicork is durable metal and the corkscrew horn is screwed into place with an extremely strong metal adhesive.



unicork corkscrew

Despite not having a lever for leveraged cork removal we promise this is the best unicorn wine opener you can find. With the cleverly designed hand grip and strong corkscrew connection you will be able to comfortably remove corks over and over again. Besides, wine tastes even better when earned and we all need exercise anyway, right? With our special instructions included it’s not that hard! If necessary you can always find a loyal knight of the realm to wield the Unicork’s power on your behalf.

For beer and other capped beverages you need only leverage the Unicork’s front hooves to kick that cap to curb! When not in use just set it aside for your friends to marvel at its majestic display. Be the envy of the realm and order your Unicork today!

unicork corkscrew

How much magic is in a Unicork?

  • 1.2 pounds of solid metal that the bearer will feel in their hands
  • Extremely durable construction is unlikely to break
  • Rainbow colors and a golden corkscrew horn shine brightly
  • Open both beer and wine bottles for you and your court
  • Unicorn kitchenware item that stands upright for display
  • Rare and unique corkscrew decoration found nowhere else
  • Unicorn body shape fits comfortably in your hand to use
  • Nicely packaged in a sturdy gift box



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