Infinity LED Beer Pong Tables

infinity beer pong table 3

Infinity LED Beer Pong Tables – These tables have illusions to keep your guests entertained all night. Special mirrors are used that bounce in the light to create a trippy illusion of looking into endless space while playing beer pong and other party games!

infinity beer pong table

led beer pong

Start a dance floor around a beer pong table? Why not. Each table come with a pair of infrared remote controls that sets the color, transition mode or music mode that will flash the lights to the beat of the surroundings.


infinity beer pong table

Built like a tank. These beer pong tables were built with a powder coated (non-rust) steel frame that will survive the craziest parties. The tables are tournament regulation dimensions with a length of 8ft and 2ft wide.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yours over at today!


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