Cowboy Hat Ring Box

Cowboy Hat Ring Box – A cowboy hat ring box perfect to store a ring or small earrings!

Material: Velvet Flocked Ring Box

Measurement Approx
Length: 2.7in
Width: 2.2in
Height: 1.4in

Promising review: “It is adorable! Smaller than I expected but that’s just my imagination. The hinge is good the slot for the ring is good and it makes me giggle every time I look at it. I will say though there’s some green-ish discoloration along the inside of the brim near the band, I’m certain it’s not the sellers fault unless they manufacture it but it doesn’t seem like it’s coming off and that’s a little sad. The seller let me know when it was dropped off at the post office and I really appreciated that, the packaging was nice too.”

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