10 Funny Socks You Need On Your Feet Right Now!

funny socks

10 Funny Socks You Need On Your Feet Right Now – Fret not, I’m at your feet.We love our feet and we know that it deserves some serious loving. Here are 10 of our favorite socks to keep them company.

Customized Dog Socks

customized dog socks

How much do you love your dog? This should be the ultimate test on how much. We’d love to put your dog’s faces on these socks so you could show the world who your best friend is… besides your feet.

Just make sure you choose the right size, color and send over an accurate picture of your fave canine. Our friends from Etsy will do the rest.

Animal Paw Crew Socks

Wanna feel like an animal for a day? Or for a week.. or maybe even a month. If yes is your answer (we’ll take no as an answer too), then now’s the perfect time to get these socks. With a plethora of designs to choose from (15 different animal paws as of listing time), you could act and feel like your favorite animal whenever you’re wearing them. Let people know that you’re not doggin’ around.

What’s not in the forest can be found on whatonearthcatalog.

Tupac Socks

tupac socksThe real gangsta never died. Keep his memories wherever you go with these custom socks that was designed after his likeness that we all loved and respected. Shakur will always be remembered for his gritty, yet poetic lyrics, and his outspoken views on the system, and we want you to be remembered for having him at your feet. Didn’t see that coming, eh?

East side, West side, doesn’t matter where ya’ from. Amazon is where you go if these socks you want, fam.

Sushi Socks

sushi socks

Ever heard someone say you have some yummy feet? We’d be glad to help you out if you wanna hear it. These custom sushi socks comes in different variants such as Shrimp, Masuzushi, Maki, and even a Bento packaging that pretty much comes with everything sushi for your feet. Colorful and delicious: things we’d love to hear from other people who will see you sporting them.

Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu! Become the sushi master with the help of Amazon.

Ice Cream Cone Socks

We’ve started talking about some yummy feet anyway so let’s carry on with some cold and yummy action. It’s not really the sweetest thing nor is it the coldest (as it actually keeps you warm when you’re cold!) but it’s guaranteed to keep you warm and fuzzy when the breeze is kinda cool. Just don’t look at your feet if you’re craving for ice cream and there’s none around — we don’t wanna hear feedback of people licking their toes.

The ice cream factory is brought to you by Amazon.

Spock Socks

We can’t help but be reminded of Sheldon from BBT whenever we see Spock. These ears are iconic and it’s hard to resist the urge to have him on your feet to show off to your friends. After all, Star Trek fans would be delighted at the site of any merchandise related to it and what better way to flaunt it than by having the show’s front man at your feet.

Live long and prosper with the help of our folks from Amazon.

Knee High Caped Batman Socks

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Marvel or DC fan..

‘Cause I’m Batman.

Gotham’s caped crusader has been loved and hated by fans alike but there’s no denying that he will be a default choice for a superhero that everyone would love to be. He’s rich, brash, intelligent and absolutely cunning (in the same way that Iron Man/Tony Stark is but who cares?) and he also has his own butler in Alfred. Yeah, it takes that much to try and sell you the idea that these socks (with a matching cape) are absolutely awesome on their own. If that sales pitch wasn’t enough to make you buy, then we don’t know what else will.

Nanananananananananananananananananana… Amazon.

Crocheted Shark Socks

shark socks

Baby shark doo doo doo..

It’s kinda cool to give some kids a little scare every now and then, and that’s something that this socks could do. Featuring the ultimate Jaws reincarnation on your feet that ‘s crocheted to give you an absolute feeling of fuzziness and security. It’s made of acrylic yarn so it’s guaranteed to feel comfy and feet friendly at all times.

Another handmade masterpiece brought to you by Etsy.

Anatomically Correct Bone Socks

“Ahh!!! I could see your bones… wait, what?”

Wanna learn and scare people at the same time? Perfect. We’d love to do the same thing as well that’s why we’re sharing these socks with you. Detailed as it can be for every bone that’s being covered by the socks, it’s like learning and enjoying at the same time.

Make those funny bones yours by getting these from Amazon.

Hobbit Socks

“Myyyy.. Preciousssss…”

Gollum would be thrilled to see you wearing this. Inspired by the feet that the little guys had in the “Hobbit: an unexpected journey” film, these socks would help you in your quest to find the one, true ring that will rule them all.

It looks like it’s handmade, but it’s with our guys from Amazon.

It’s Creep Nic Cage Socks

We don’t need to say much about Nicolas Cage. The man speaks for himself just by smiling. Wearing these socks just shows the world how much you don’t actually care about their opinion. The creep is real.

Something weird yet amazing again from our peeps from Etsy.

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