Xcube Backpack

Xcube Backpack: Modular Hardshell Backpack for Photographer, Freelancer & Traveler

Why always softshell pack?

Let’s start with the nitty gritty. We wanted to combine a very practical bag with a sleek aesthetic, two things that aren’t often combined. There are so many soft-shell packs on the market, why not think out of the “shell” ? Introducing the Xcube series!

Our hard-shell backpack is light yet sturdy, minimalist yet spacious, and the inside is fully customizable with 2 modules and Velcro dividers. It’s also expandable, waterproof, theft-proof and has 15 compartments. Choose between two options of 26/34L and 32/43L


What makes XCube unique?

2 Meter Shockproof

We created the hard-shell with out patent-pending C-SPII Shell Tech featuring Arial ABS/PC. The hard-shell can effectively absorb shockwaves from the backpack being accidentally dropped from a height of up to 2 meters, safeguarding your valuables!

100% Waterproof

The entire XCube is 100% waterproof. No matter rain or snow, the casing and even the zippers prevent any water damage to the contents. This also means the outer portion of the bag is easy to clean since you can just hold it underneath running water, and rinse off any dirt.

Doesn’t give way

Inspired by luggage cases, the hard shell cover protects your items and maintains its shape, regardless of external pressure such as being crushed or squeezed.


Innovative Strap System

The innovative shoulder strap, with its ergonomic design, uses structural suspension technology, X-trap, to relieve the burden from your shoulders and back, making it feel 30% lighter on your body.


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