Top 7 Cool Gifts to Save Someone’s Sanity at School


School sucks… But these products don’t!

It’s back to school time for a lot of students and we want them to be hyped for it. We’d love to help you out in accomplishing that by listing our personal picks for the top 7 cool gifts that you could give to someone who’s about to go back to school. After all, school work could get pretty tiring and stressful but some of the things on our list should alleviate the hard knocks it could bring.

Here are some of our choices in no particular order:


Cards Against Humanity


What better way to save someone’s sanity by.. well, by checking how much humanity they have left. Class discussions could go horribly south if it’s boring, but being able to duke out their frustrations afterward through this fantastic card game is the best way to have it sorted out. It could get chippy if you play it against people who have sensitive feelings, so make sure that you’re playing with the right crowd. For as long as no one is going to bat an eye on what happens within the game, this is the perfect way to release your stress during classes — just make sure that not too many people are around to hear the nasty things that could be asked while playing this!

Be the ultimate oppressor of humanity by getting this from Amazon.


Game of Thrones Monopoly


Winter is coming.. but so are the classes.

We’re just a few months away from the final season of what others claim as the greatest TV show on earth, and you’d like to keep one’s Targaryen blood flowing by having this awesome GOT-themed Monopoly game by your side. If you’re familiar with how community cards in a regular Monopoly game are called, you’ll have a great time reliving moments from the show with their modifications that made them “Valar Morghulis” and “The Iron Throne” cards. Rule all of Westeros (and your friends!) by showing them who’s the real king. Just be wary of white(board) walkers!

Take a firm grasp of the Iron Throne from Amazon.


PS4/Xbox One Portable Gaming Station


Some people are console-lovers and would love to have them everywhere they go. Just imagine that they’ll have the privilege to play while taking their break time just about anywhere with this amazing portable gaming station! Tailor-fit to be the home of PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and XBOX ONE S consoles, you can easily have access to your favorite games for as long as your gaming station is with you. Grind through RPGs or compete with friends via some versus games whenever you feel the urge to do so. Just make sure that you’re not cutting classes just to play!

Take your console wherever you go by purchasing this item via Amazon.


Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair



“Beam me up, Scotty”

Wanna feel like Spock while taking notes? A cool professor will probably let you get away with that on this Star Trek-themed inflatable chair. Visit the Delphic or Nekrit expanses and take a trip to the galaxy out there with this comfy chair that let’s you sit back and relax while feeling like a true Federation Captain. You’d be sure to live long and prosper for as long as you have this around! It also wouldn’t hurt to give this to someone instead of a blowup doll. It should easily crack their list of cool gifts received so far.

Be the captain of the ship by getting your own chair by ThinkGeek.


Pokeball Phone Charger



The age of smartphones is upon us and we’d love to be able to use our phones properly everywhere we go. To make sure that it’s always filled to the brim wherever you go, why not equip yourself with this Pokeball Phone Charger? Professor Oak would be thrilled to see you bringing one. It would rightfully fit a normal pocket and with a capacity of 12000mAh, this fast charger will help you sustain your quest to be the very best… and catch ’em all. Who knows? You might be able to catch more than just Pokemon if you flaunt this around!

Be the ultimate Pokemon trainer by getting your Pokeball from Amazon.


Big Bang Theory Clue

“Bazinga! Wait, someone just messed up with my items!”

Sheldon’s prized treasures have been trampled on, and he has everyone on his watch list. Join Amy, Leonard, Penny and the rest of the gang in this mystery game of wits to find out who is the ultimate culprit among the crew. Push your brain to the limit along with your friends to get that much needed boost in class when you’re feeling out of sync. Channel your inner geek and help Sheldon find justice for his broken items for just less than $30. Definitely one of the cool gifts out there that you could surprise someone with!

Enter the world of quantum physics by getting this game from Amazon.


R2D2 Bluetooth Speaker



Music is one of the finer ways to soothe one’s soul when it is not at peace.

Kinda sounded like Mastery Yoda, right? Except that it’s on a way better quality using these custom R2D2 Bluetooth Speakers that is an original ThinkGeek creation. Not only is this cool gadget a speaker, but you could also take in calls while on this astromech droid dome. It also charges itself via a USB port, and works just like any conventional portable speaker in case you don’t want to use Bluetooth with the help of a standard 3.5 mm audio jack. This could get really loud so make sure that you don’t put it on full blast inside the campus!

Get your own R2D2 assistant from ThinkGeek.





And that sums up our list of the top 7 cool gifts you could give someone who’s going back to school. We hope that some of these cool gifts tickle your fancy or whoever you deem is right to receive them. Stay tuned for our upcoming posts to find out more about the goodies we have on board.


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