Top 12 Geeky Valentine’s Day Gifts

geeky valentines day gifts

Top 12 Geeky Valentine’s Day Gifts – Valentine’s day is right around the corner, whether you’re shopping for him, or her, surprise the special someone in your life with these Valentine’s Day gifts that stand out!

Anatomical Heart Necklace

anatomically correct heart necklace

Jewelry for valentine’s day is classic, but a little played out. Show your valentine that your love is REAL with this highly detailed and anatomically accurate heart necklace! This heart is so life like that you can use it to cheat on your next anatomy exam! Get yours here.

Anatomical Heart Bath Bombs

Valentine's Day gifts

These bath bombs are to die for! Not only are these hearts realistic, and appropriately gross as they start to dissolve, but they’re also a top-notch bath bomb for you and whoever you want to share a bath with for this romantic evening. Get clean in a dirty way here.

Elephant Underwear

elephant pants

This winter is cold! Help your man stay warm where it matters most with these hilarious, yet comfortable boxers! The Elephant boxers are handmade and have a super convenient butt flap so he doesn’t have to wiggle his lil man out of the cozy trunk every time he needs to drop the kids off at the pool. For extra fun, take your clothes off in front of him and watch the trunk grow! Get yours here.

Jason Friday The 13th Card

jason friday the thirteenth valentines day card

Show how crazy in love you are with that special someone with this killer card! Get it here


T-Rex Love Valentine’s Day Card

trex card valentines day

Tyrannosaurus Sex can be tricky sometimes. Get the card here!

Wine Condom

wine condoms

The wine condom is a great gift for the wine lover you’re trying to seduce this valentine’s day. It’s a practical choice for saving unfinished wine and comes with the great opportunity to seductively roll the wine condom onto the bottle, just remember, eye contact! Drink responsibly here.

“I love you” – “I know” Pillows

i love you i know pillow case

Let your boo know that they’re loved in every galaxy with these Han and Leia pillows. Perfect for the guy who, even in the most serious and intense of moments, is still a sarcastic jerk. Get yours here.

“Shawty u fine as shit tho” Bear

shawty you fine as shit tho bear

This adorable bear doesn’t beat around the bush, let ya shawty know how you really feel with this twist on a classic Valentine’s day gift.

Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet

beef jerky boquet

Get your bae some flowers that they’ll actually enjoy this Valentine’s Day with the beef jerky flower bouquet! and yes, the beer stein is included!

Plush Kitten Bouquet

plush kitten boquet

What makes better Valentine’s Day gifts than a bouquet of roses? while a bouquet of kittens of course! Get your boo their own personal itty bitty kitten committee here.

Heart Waffle Iron

heart waffle maker

Show some love every morning with the heart waffle iron! Do you love your SO as much as you love waffles? Don’t answer that! Just have both!

Kama Sutra Kookie Kutters

kama sutra cookie cutters

Are you trying to spice things up in the bedroom? Drop the hint in your kitchen with these hilarious kama sutra kookie kutters!


If you didn’t find any Valentine’s Day gifts that you liked on this list, check out our gifts for him and our gifts for her sections! If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, try browsing our entire catalog here!

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