The Caseboy iPhone Case Comes With 35 Playable NES Games

the caseboy iphone case

The Caseboy iPhone Case comes with 35 classic NES games that you can play right on your phone case! 

Just when you thought your phone couldn’t get any more addictive. Available for just about all current iPhone models  this this case is sure to you busy. Some of the popular NES titles it comes with are Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Tetris, and Excitebike!

caseboy nes gaming case

  • 35+ retro arcade video games
  • Color Display Screen
  • A fully rechargeable battery (through micro-USB)
  • Built-in speaker system
  • Responsive control buttons
  • Silicon Protective Bumpers
  • Shock-proof and dust resistant


the case boy donkey kong

Buy it here! 



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