Puffy The Life-Size Bear

Puffy the Life-Size Bear – The best way to fall asleep is to hug Puffy the Life-Size Bear – a soft and comfortable pillow.

Puffy is made with Love for everybody who needs a human presence. If you have a pet allergy, or just don’t want to raise a dog or a cat this human-size plush pillow with bear features is just right for you.

You don’t need to walk him daily or feed him. He only needs to be hugged and loved.

He is different than other big stuffed animals or toys because he is very flexible and practical. He will still give you the comfort that you need and he will only take up as much space in your bed as a regular human would. When required you can put him away in a box, he is very flexible and fits in a box size of approximately 20 in x 30 in x 10 in.


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