Offensive Crayons


Offensive Crayons  – Say goodbye to your politically correct old color box and welcome this family of blunt, direct and irreverent shades!

Gone are the safe colors like “goldenrod” or “violet.” Now we have “Suspicious Cold Sore Red” and “Privilege.”

Finally, a pack of crayons as dirty as your browser history. We’re bringing you all the excitement of tentacles, ASMR, and cat girls.

This pack contains colors like “Anal Bleach Peach”, “Just the Tip Teal”, “I Think I’m Going to …Cream”, and other groan worthy colors.

Reflect on the misery that the holiday season brings your life with colors that perfectly compliment it.

In the spirit of capitalism, celebrate the season with colors that accurately reflect the awkwardness of the holiday season. We promise this set is a marginally better gift than the $10 Starbucks card you planned to give Janet in accounting.

Frustrated with American politics? Us too.

Celebrate with our political edition of Offensive Crayons, where we remind you that both parties are the same, and your vote doesn’t matter unless you happen to control a Super PAC or are a lizard person.

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