Swamp Ass Green Ogre Candle: Because Who Wouldn’t Want Their Home to Smell Like Shrek?

Ever wished your living room could smell more like an ogre’s swamp? Neither did we, until we created the Swamp Ass Green Ogre Candle! Infused with the lush aromas of Oakmoss, fern, lily, and a hint of musk, this 8 oz scent-sation promises your space won’t just smell green—it’ll be downright Shrek-chic.

Forget vanilla; your home can now host the sophisticated stench of a fairy tale bog. Light it up and let the magic (and slight confusion) unfold. Perfect for impressing guests or just giving your enemies a unique reason to leave early.

Buy it today and turn your boring abode into an ogre’s den—because normal is overrated, and who really liked their curtains anyway?

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