Merry Christmas Glitter Bomb Card

Merry Christmas Glitter Bomb Card – Remember the first time you received a thoughtful Christmas Card from Mema Pop Pop? Remember the warm feeling you got reading the heartfelt message on the inside? Maybe a crisp ten-dollar bill fell to the floor as you opened the heavy card stock to reveal the sediment. The beauty and simplicity that is a greeting card. This is not that card!

As humans get further and further from each other each day, we here at DAYD believe there is something to be said for personal gifts. Things that say something. Maybe a little love. Perhaps a little laugh. Without a doubt, a card sends a message. What that message is will be up to you.

Our new Christmas card glitter bomb is the perfect addition to any gifting occasion. Someone having a baby? Got a card for that. Want to say thank you in the loudest way possible? Yep…there’s a card for that. Want to really celebrate someone’s birthday? Boy do we have a bunch of cards for that.

Made from thick card stock and packed full of glitter these cards will become the talk of any holiday. Have us write the message on the inside or you can do it yourself for a new personal approach. We are here to help make your party PARTAYYYYYYYYYYY


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