Indoor Golf Game

Indoor Golf Game – Practice your golf game at home with the put vent! 

An alternative to the vent cover can create a push hole that is flat to the surface of the house. Just take out the existing vent cover and put it in. Not only does it have a built-in vent to allow air to pass through, it also has a built-in push cup.

Currently, home vent cups are only available for 10-inch long x 4.25-inch wide vents, which are standard vents for most homes in the United States and Canada

The replacement of the golfer’s vent cover is made of high impact plastic, which is a perfect gift idea for golf enthusiasts who live in a climate where golf cannot be played for six months!

A Perfect home party toys prop if you have kids coming or hold up family competition. Can also be used as a golf practice putting cup that do not take up any space of your home. Once installed, enjoy it any time.

SIZE: 10″ x 4.25″ x 3.7″ Length x Width x Depth. Package Include 1/2/3 Pack of Home Golf Practice Hole

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