Holy Meme Bible: Resurrection

holy meme bible Holy Méme Bible: Resurrection is the ultimate guide to the Internet in 2018. This is the book for those who would like to relive the most exciting year for memes through pastime activities and coloring in a badly illustrated Kim Kardashian.



Holy Meme Bible

From the creators of the Ramen Noodle Condoms and Send Nudes bath bomb, the Holy Méme Bible returns again this year with 60 pages of unique activities covering the most iconic internet topics and viral memes of 2018.


Holy Meme Bible

This year’s bible features all new activities such as drawing your last two brain cells, confessing your love for your FBI agent, creating your own Soundcloud Rapper, and many more. Featuring over 55 memes across different parts of the Internet, we have mastered the art of creating the ultimate meme collectible.


Holy Meme Bible

Add ‘flavors’ to your meme bible to get a truly limited edition copy. Choosing from vegan, organic, to spicy, go wild with your unique book experience. This book has it all.



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