Hidden Magnetic Doorstop

hidden magnetic doorstop

Hidden Magnetic Doorstop – BEST. DOOR. STOPPER. EVER! This door stopper is almost magical! With a powerful magnet hidden out of sight inside the door, as the door swings over the pin, the pin springs out and stops the door from hitting the wall or closing.

magnetic doorstopSAY GOODBYE TO UGLY PROTRUSIONS: Wedge doorstops move around, springs protrude and look ugly. Both can be trip hazards, especially for kids, seniors or pets. The Fantom stop installs flush to the ground so it is not unsightly and you can’t trip over it!


magnetic doorstopEASY TO INSTALL: Installing the stopper is quick, simple and requires only a couple of tools (Installation kit available separately). It can be used on virtually any floor surface and any door, including hardwood, carpet, tile, concrete, laminate and more!

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