Herb Tombstone Garden Markers

Herb Tombstone Garden Markers – Can’t remember where you planted what? Use these unique markers! Mourning the loss of your beloved herb? Give it a proper grave!

Multi-use and super cute for any gothy gardener out there.

Add some flair to your herb garden with these clever herb tombstones! Each marker is at least 9 inches from tip to top and has its own unique shape and design! The font used in the photos has been discontinued, but you will receive something simar or just as cool! Made from scratch, by hand out of lightweight wood, poly clay, and scrapbook lettering. The wood has been treated with a base coat of Plasti-Dip and sealed with outdoor grade urethane, so they are weather resistant and made to bear watering. If you live in a humid area or are prone to heavy rains, these won’t last to these extreme outdoor conditions, so it’s recommended to take them inside during heavy weather events.


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