Fully Automatic Rubber Band Minigun

rubber band minigun

Unleash a rubbery fury on your target by blasting it to smithereens with this fully automatic rubber band minigun! This amazing wooden gun comes with a specially designed mechanism that will allow you to quickly load it and fire rapidly.

rubber band mini gun

This is a fully automatic Minigun, constructed according to the Gatling Machine Gun Principle. The body is made from wood cut out on the CNC machine. Its ammo consists of 144 shots of rubber bands. With this Rubber Band Minigun anyone can feel like Rambo, launching a rubber storm, and throwing over a pound of rubber bands at the opponent!


rubber band mini gun

We have prepared 2 versions of the minigun – Assembled and KIT. They are also available in 2 colors.


rubber band gun

The design of the Rubber Band Minigun allows you to rotate the drum idle (even without loaded rubber bands) which allows you to impress others. Press the trigger to rotate the drum, and then press pusher to release rubber bands in flight. You can shoot single shots, saving ammunition and conduct aimed fire, or release an entire flurry of rubber bands at your opponent.

This is the best and most affordable Rubber Band Minigun on the market. Its main feature is a specially designed mechanism that allows you to charge it in a matter of minutes.  You can assemble it with kids, use it as cosplay, and it’s an ultimate gift.





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