Coochie Tissue Holder

Coochie Tissue Holder – It’s a Tissue Cootchie Coo! It’s the item you didn’t know existed – but now it’s the item you can’t live without! I’ve heard about people purchasing one for a White Elephant exchange, or a “Dirty Santa” party (didn’t know about those!! lol). They make great game prizes for baby showers and bridal showers. Send one to Mom for Mother’s Day! A great gift for Girl’s Weekend!

Fun for you, fun for your best friend, perhaps a co-worker? Gag gift, stocking stuffer, gift exchange, baby shower, Mother’s Day.

This tissue holder will store one tissue pocket pak (one included), it’s about 5.5″ x 3″ (see photos), and it boasts a lot of female attitude! When you take this tissue holder out of your purse, I’m certain you are gonna raise some eyebrows! I can only imagine the conversations it will start!

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