Aladdin Lamp E-Cigarette Vape

aladdin lamp ecigarette vape

Aladdin Lamp e-Cigarette Vape – Arabian Pipes A vape fit for an Arabian prince – even a fake one! Unlike cigarettes, it won’t burn a hole in your magic carpet

aladdin lamp vape

Hookah pipes are so 1560, all the princes are vaping these days. And this lamp is a whole new world of magical vapour fun.

You don’t have to travel Jafar and wide to get your hands on exotic vape flavors anymore, this smart e-cigarette comes with three delicious tastes to get stuck into:

  • Jasmine: light, floral, unrealistically long ponytail
  • Sultan(a): sweet, full-bodied, a little bit pompous
  • Jafar Cake: notes of citrus, chocolate, and evil psychopath

With all those flavors built-in, this vape is sheer genie-us. Seriously. It’s powered by genie magic! Give it a puff and watch in awe as mesmerizing plumes of blue vapor dance through the air before you. Mmm, that’s good genie.

Yeah, it’s not quite as exciting as a real magic lamp, but you would’ve only used your three wishes on the world’s best vape and some rare, exotic flavors to go with it anyway.




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