14 Awesome Items That Gamers Should Have

awesome gaming products

14 Awesome Items That Gamers Should Have – Gaming is life and the life of gamers won’t be complete without these things.We love gaming here at Shut Up and Take My Money so we know the things that we really want. This should be the first part of a series of posts that we’ll make for gamers like you (or gamers you love!)

Keytendo Gaming Console

“Please insert key to begin game”

That’s definitely not the prompt that you will get when you plug your keys in it. The Keytendo is a wall-mounted video game console inspired key rack that comes with 2 controller input keychains, a mounting hardware, and a built-in shelf where you could even put some things in.

Play time could begin once you’ve purchased your own from Keytendo themselves.


Wooden Gaming Coasters

We’re quite sure you’ve played games such as Donkey Kong, Drunk Hunt, and Punch Out among others. And because we know you did, that makes these retro-inspired handmade wooden coasters a must have for you. It’s made from a random mixture of Cherry, Alder, Pecan, Walnut, Maple, Cedar, and Beech wood, while the graphics are laser engraved onto the label area while a cork feet will guard your table finish.

Relieve the good ol’ gaming days by getting them all from Etsy.

Pokemon Home Sweet Home Doormat

“Mom!! I’m home…” *finds 3 Pokeballs on the table*

If you don’t recall this part of the Pokemon game where Ash Ketchum started his journey, then it’s about time that you get this Poke-inspired doormat to remind you of it. It’s made of polyester felt face with non-slip black Durgan backing that’s guaranteed to keep you safe from slipping.

The entry to the world of Pokemon starts via Amazon.

Zelda Key Holder

Want to make sure you don’t leave your keys before you go out for your daily adventure? Let your love of Zelda be that daily reminder of where it is! This super durable keyholder is made from 1/2 inch thick Maple hardwood plywood that has a keyhole slot for super easy mounting that hangs flat against the wall.

Don’t go out without your weapons.. errr, keys.. Grab this from Etsy now.

Fallout Flags

Welcome to the Wasteland.

We don’t have to say much about these flags. We’ll shut up and wait for your orders now. They’re on sale!!

Mario Question Box Block Lamp

Make sure you don’t hit your head on this lamp. That won’t help you grow.

Patterned after the iconic question block featured in the classic Super Mario series of video games, this distinctive night light is a perfect gift for any video game or classics fan.It measures approximately 16cm (W) x 16cm (L) x 18.5cm (H) including the base.

You can’t save the princess if it’s dark. Amazon should lead the way to her.


Super Mario Thwomp Pillow

Could we all agree that it’s hard to find something that’s scary, cute, and cuddly at the same time? In case you don’t know what thwomps are, they are large stone blocks, depicted as having angry-looking faces that have clenched teeth, which first appeared in Super Mario Brothers 3.

Amazon would like you to have them in your couch now.


Tetris GameBoy Fridge Decal

Could a Gameboy ever get this big? Apparently they could. By using high-quality, interior grade matte vinyl which has a matte finish, this decal gives your fridge that Gameboy appearance just like it was hand painted on a wall. It also comes with pre-covered transfer tape that makes it easier to press on and peal off easily.

Turn that fridge into a giant Gameboy by getting these cool decals from Amazon.

Mario Bros Chain Chomp Earrings

“Ah… brainssss…”

Oops.. Wrong game? These Chain Chomp Earrings were inspired by the Super Mario chompers but they’re intended to dangle on your ear. They should be pretty safe to use and were once trending on 9Gag.

Our friends from Etsy never fails to amuse. Get these from them already.

Chocolate Playstation Controller

You know that there’s this old saying that if you can’t beat them, eat them.

Inspired by the Playstation controller, these chocontrollers are made to order and comes in milk, dark or white flavors/colors, and measures at approximately 7″x5″ of pure chocolatey goodness.

Have fun playing while keeping your sweet tooth busy via Etsy.

Super Mario Mushroom Light

super mario mushroom light

We have this wonderful item on sale and we won’t have to convince you to buy this mushroom light. It’s just too cute to pass up on.

Please shut up. We’re taking your money now!


Fortnite Llama Coin Bank

fortnite llama coin bank

Although not an officially licensed product, this Llama is probably one of the most easy to remember figures in the game. If you wanna save some coins for future use, keep it safe with this custom made item.

Pretty much everything that’s custom and handmade are from the guys in Etsy.

Gameboy Alarm Clock

gameboy alarm clock

Gamers don’t mind losing sleep ’cause of playing. They obviously wouldn’t mind waking up cause of it as well! This stylish clock is the perfect gift for gamers and features the iconic Game Boy design. This item is also on sale right now!

Wake up to the beautiful sight of your Gameboy. We’ll take your money now!

NES Cartridge Coastersnes cartridge coasters

Another one of our creations that’s currently on sale right now, these coasters include retro game designs such as Metroid, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda. And for $9.99, this pack contains 8 double-sided coasters that all feature stylish NES game designs.

Need we say more? Begin the nostalgia season by getting these coasters from us.

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