Top 14 Majestic Unicorn Products That Will Enchant Your World

Must have products for every unicorn lover!

We’ve always wanted to have our own unicorn that we could ride to places that we’ve never been before. We scoured the web for the most magical products we could find and here are 14 unicorn-themed merchandise that we have chosen to share with you (and come on, you gotta get these goodies.)

Unicorn Paper Towel Holder unicorn products paper towel holder

If we have a unicorn, we’d probably be doing some very cool things to its horn.. and number one on that list is making it hold paper towels. Just imagine going to a fancy restaurant for a candlelight dinner with your beau, then spilling your drink on your own lap in the process. All you have to do is whistle away and your magical unicorn will arrive with paper towel all wrapped up on its horn. Well, that’s not gonna happen now, is it? So let’s settle for the most realistic thing we have right now. With a cast metal base that’s sturdy enough to hold a roll of paper towels, you’ve just found your new wiping buddy.

Time to get this via whatonearthcatalog now.

Giant Unicorn Pool Float

giant unicorn pool float

We’d be lying if we won’t admit that this is our favorite item on this list. Everybody wants to ride their own unicorn and this is how you get it done in style. This 10′ tall colorful, wonderful, delightful, lovely, and majestic inflatable rainbow unicorn has enough room for up to 6 people who would like to float… in water, though, with their majestic unicorn. It also comes with a carrying bag and a fast speed pump which gives you the power to bring it anywhere with relative ease. We just want to make sure that you always have your majestic unicorn with you.

Have we stressed enough how majestic this unicorn is? Amazon is waiting for you to grab one now.

3d Unicorn Underwear

3d unicorn underwear

We can’t stress enough how sexy this 3D unicorn underwear is once girls are wearing it. We definitely want one for our ladies but just make sure that you have all the details in handy. These are handmade products using cotton lycra with picot edge elastic and a 100% cotton gusset, that could be customized based on one’s sizes.

Get this sexy lingerie from Etsy before supplies run out!


101 Ways To Use A Unicorn Book

101 ways to use a unicorn

As much as we’d like to let you know about everything that’s in the book, the cover should give you an idea of what’s inside. We’d leave everything else to the writer as to what the other ways are. We thought there were like around 30 ways only but boy did we miss out on a lot!

Get this secret book and make it yours via Amazon.

I Do What I Want Unicorn Mug

i do what i want unicorn mug

If that unicorn on the mug isn’t enough reason to get this mug, then we don’t know what else would be a better one. Made out of high-quality ceramic, this mug can store up to 11 oz of liquid (or pretty much solids if that tickles your fancy) and is microwave and dishwasher safe. Howdy ho~

Get this now because we both know that’s what you want.


Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy

unicorn farts cotton candy

Wanna brighten up someone’s day? Give them this fart that no one would say no to. This 3 oz fruit punch cotton candy is ridiculously delicious and would give you the perfect feeling of what a unicorn’s fart tastes like. Guaranteed.

Just like what the bag is saying, it’s 100% majestic and available on Amazon.

Unicorn Mug

unicorn mug

The first mug we showed you was kinda filled with unicorn swag. This one right here is just full of fluffy cuteness that will drive you bananas. This 13 oz ceramic mug with a super kawaii unicorn face in it is up for grabs for just $19.99. Its name is Elodie by the way, but feel free to rename it to your liking.

Stop resisting this kawaii mug. Shut up and we’ll take your money.

Unicorn Seatbelt Cover

unicorn seatbelt cover

If our chewbelta caught your attention, you have no reason not to check out these rainbow-clad, unicorn seatbelt cover as well. This soft and furry seatbelt cover is 14 inches long and hand-sewn but is guaranteed to give you that fluffy feeling when you lean on your back because we extra padded it for your convenience.

Need we say more? Get that strap on already.

Unicorn Sprinkles Dispenser

unicorn sprinkle dispenser

We’ve all dreamt of unicorns and rainbows together and we’d like to make it a reality. This plastic sprinkler measures 4 by 3.5 by 1.25-inch and is perfect for baking lovers and unicorn fans alike. Who knows? This could inspire your kid to learn baking early!

Fill your kitchen with rainbows by getting this from Amazon.

Heat Changing Unicorn Mug

heat changing unicorn mug

Wanna see that plain-looking unicorn turn into a rainbow one? So do we! And all you have to do is pour something liquid onto it to make it happen. This mug is made of high-quality ceramic and can store up to 9 oz of fluids which will trigger the color change on the mug’s layout. Just take note that this isn’t microwave-ready or dishwasher-friendly! We don’t want your unicorn to be plain for the rest of its existence.

We heard it’s on sale now at Amazon. Go go go!

Feisty Pets Unicorn

Unicorns are supposed to be adorable if we could have it our way. But who wouldn’t be mad if they get squeezed? This feisty pet named Glenda Glitterpoop will go berserk when you squeeze it just enough and show you its fangs. It is stuffed with polyester fibers to keep it fluffy and is surface washable to maintain all 8.5″ of its majestic unicorn fur.

Glenda Glitterpoop isn’t the only feisty pet you could have. Check out its other siblings from Amazon.


Crying Unicorn Candle

crying unicorn candle

We don’t want to see a sad unicorn but if it’s going to have rainbow tears of joy, then we guess that could still put smiles on our faces. Made of knowingly-kitsch ceramic ornament, this is one unique decor that unicorn lovers would love.

Stop weeping and let the unicorn do it. Firebox still has a couple of them for ya.

Light Up Unicorn Slippers

light up unicorn slippers

What’s more adorable than having unicorns at your feet? Ones that light up whenever you walk are. Made of cozy cotton and polyester, this majestic pair of slippers has 6 color changing LED bulbs that will light up the room (literally!) for as long as it has batteries. Don’t worry too much about it cause 4 pieces of CR2032 batteries are free when you purchase it.

Shut up and order now!!

Cotton Candy Scented Unicorn Poop

unicorn products unicorn poop bath bomb

Unicorn farts and now this? We’re in unicorn heaven! This cotton candy scented bath bomb comes with specks of biodegradable glitter, fresh scents of cotton candy, and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth after you come out of the tub.

This is the poop that you wanted all along. Get it now from Amazon.

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