Top 12 Pizza Products That Will Make You Say Cowabunga!

pizza products
Donatello, Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo share something in common with us all the love of pizza. And because we love it that much, we’re here to present you 12 products that will endear your more with our beloved pizza — cowabungaaaa!

Pokeball Pizza Cutter

pokeball pizza cutter

You can’t keep on catching Pokemons all day; you have to get all the pizza too.

This officially licensed product was made to fulfill its duties to both Pokemon and Pizza lovers alike. It’s made of plastic and has a case with silicone grip and nylon blade that also makes it dishwasher safe for cleaning purposes. Bring it with you anywhere so you’d be ready to catch ’em all!

Amazon is the home of this ThinkGeek creation if you’re looking to get it now.

The Pizza Pouch

pizza pouch

Can’t get enough of pizza wherever you go? Fret not! This pizza-preserving necklace keeps your pizza snack safe and toasty within a zip-lock pouch. It comes with a reusable zip lock seal but shouldn’t be used for microwave or ovens. Absolutely the perfect gift to give a pizzahead.

Amazon can’t get enough of pizza so they’re sharing this with you!

Pizza Slice Throw Pillow

pizza slice pillow

Ever dreamed of sleeping in a pizza and waking up right next to it? It’s time to make that thought a reality. This pillow looks like an actual pizza and still remains huggable and soft to touch which makes it more endearing to you. It’s made of 100% highly durable silky polyester fabric so it should only be spot cleaned if it gets caught in any mess. 

Time to sleep in your dream pillow by getting it from Amazon now.

Pizza Night Light

If you want to be reminded of how much you love pizza before you sleep, it’s definitely time to get this night light pizza for yourself. Designed by Steph mantis, this pizza replica is here to keep you company while you’re awake and leave you a lasting thought of a pizza before you snooze.

Wake up next to pizza with the help of Amazon.

Pizza Pool Float

We’ve all wondered at one point in time what it would be like to float around the ocean while lying down in a pizza. With this giant float, you would finally know what it’s like. It comes in a realistic “pizza” print with colorful and tasty-looking mushrooms, pepperoni, green peppers, and black olives. It’s made of heavy-duty, durable 12-gauge PVC material  to keep you safe and sound atop any body of water.

Chill in the ocean while riding your own pizza by getting this from Amazon.

Pizza Box Oven

What better way is there to reheat your pizza than in an actual box itself? Of course we’re kidding. This pizza box-themed oven can cook up to a 12″ pizza with the help of an adjustable thermostat control that could heat up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit and has a timer that you could set up to 30 minutes. This definitely takes pizza heating and cooking to the next level.

Be the ultimate pizza master by acquiring this over from Amazon now.

Pizza Slice Inflatable Chair

pizza slice inflatable chair

We’ve already given you a chance to rest your head on a pizza so this time, we’ll focus more on one that you can sit on. This inflatable pizza chair is highly durable and extremely comfortable because it’s made of 100% Polyester and filled up with high grade EPS bead. Just imagine sitting on that cheesy part of chair and squeezing it to make the cheese ooze. It’s not gonna happen but at least you tried!

Because the best seat in the house is on the pizza itself according to Amazon.

Pizza Cone Maker

pizza cone maker

Pizza and ice cream are two of the things that we all love here at Shut Up and Take My Money and we’d like to assume that you are feeling the same way. Could you imagine making a pizza that looked like an ice cream? Or having to eat a pizza that’s built to look like one? Pizzacraft’s Grilled Pizza Cone Set is the ultimate tool for your craving and instructions are included to make your cone-creation stress free.

Time to get this from Amazon so you could start making them cones!

Pizza Throw Blanket

We literally want you to be comfortable with a pizza so here’s one more item that will keep you warm and mouthwatering for a while. This lightweight food throw blanket is as real as it could get but don’t forget that it’s not edible! It also comes in a an actual take out box to complete the deal. All approximately 60-inch in diameter of this blanket is made of Polyester fleece to guarantee your comfort.

Be wrapped in the confines of your favorite flavor via Amazon.

Pizza BathBomb

This doesn’t smell like pizza, but it actually looks like the real thing and is guaranteed to smell good when you bath with it. This pizza bath bomb is handmade and weighs about 4 oz and is marked safe for use. Kids and adults alike would definitely love this.

And just like every other handmate item we’ve featured, you could get this from Etsy.

Party Pizza Sweater

Something you’d definitely want to wear if you wanna be the pizza of the eye in a party. This pepperoni inspired shirt is made of 100% polyester, with the inside feeling soft and fuzzy to keep you warm and cozy, while still being breathable and looking yummy. Make sure you’re choosing the correct size to fit yours and not that of the pizza you want!

It’s time to be ultimate model of pizza goodness with the help of Amazon.

Pizza Slice Dad Son Matching Shirts

pizza slice shirt

Isn’t that cute?

Baby came to life ’cause of daddy so people must know about it. This shirt is just the perfect way to inform others.

Another creative product that you could get from Etsy.

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