Show Your Love with These Amazing and Funny Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2023

Mother’s Day is almost here, and it’s time to show your mom just how much you appreciate her. But let’s be real, sometimes the traditional flowers and chocolates just don’t cut it. That’s why we’ve put together a list of funny Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2023 that are sure to make your mom smile.

Endless Prank Mother’s Day Card With Glitter

First up, we have the Endless Prank Mother’s Day Card with Glitter. This card is perfect for the mom who loves a good joke. Open and enjoy an endless loop of these sounds until the battery dies. It’s the perfect gift to annoy or make Mom laugh this Mother’s Day. Plus, glitter inside when broken! Best way to say “I love you” while also getting a good laugh. Available in 3 sounds!

“This card is the gift that keeps on giving! As my mom opened it up, it keeps on yelling mom and I couldn’t help but giggle in anticipation of the inevitable glitter explosion. And boy, did it deliver! My mom was covered head to toe in glitter, and I’m pretty sure she’s still finding specks of it weeks later. 10/10, would prank again.” – Raymond S.

Customized Favorite Child Pillow Funny Mother’s Day Gift

Next, we have the Favorite Child Pillow Funny Mother’s Day Gift. Let’s be honest, we all know who Mom’s favorite child is (and if you don’t, it’s probably not you). But with this pillow, you can remind your mom who her favorite is every time she sits down to relax. You can customize this pillow with your name Plus, it’s a comfy place to rest her head after a long day.

“I got this pillow for my mom as a little joke, but I think it’s starting to become a reality. She seems to be using it a lot more than her other pillows… But in all seriousness, it’s a comfy and cute addition to her living room decor plus it has my name on it!” – Meighan D.

Van Gogh Bone China Set Of 5 Large Mugs

For the mom who loves her coffee, we have the Van Gogh Bone China Set of 5 Large Mugs. These mugs are not only beautiful, but they’re also perfect for the mom who needs a little extra caffeine to start her day. Plus, the set comes with five mugs, so she can share with her friends or keep them all to herself.

“These mugs are almost too pretty to use! I feel fancy sipping my coffee out of them, and the size is perfect for those mornings when I need an extra boost. And let’s be real, anything with Van Gogh’s name on it automatically becomes a work of art.” – Jenna O.

Beautiful Floral Espresso Ceramic Coffee Mugs

If your mom prefers espresso, we’ve got you covered with the Beautiful Floral Espresso Ceramic Coffee Mugs. These mugs are not only adorable, but they’re also the perfect size for a shot of espresso. Plus, the floral design will brighten up any morning routine.

“I’m convinced that these mugs make my espresso taste even better. The floral design is so pretty, the size is just right for a quick caffeine fix.” Lina S

Hand Warmer Mug

For the mom who’s always cold, we have the Hand Warmer Mug. This mug has a special compartment that keeps her hands warm while she sips her coffee or tea. It’s the perfect gift for the mom who’s always complaining about being chilly.

“My mom looooves this mug so much! I thought this mug was a bit of a gimmick at first, but it actually works! The little compartment on the side keeps her hands nice and toasty. And the design is cute too” – Stacey S.

Mother’s Day Candle

If your mom loves candles, we have the Mother’s Day Candle, available in three scents. These candles are made with natural ingredients and come in a cute jar that she can reuse once the candle is gone. Plus, the scents will transport her to a peaceful state of mind. Available in 3 scents!

“These candles are the perfect gift for any mom who needs a little relaxation time. The scents are so calming, and the fact that they’re made with natural ingredients is a bonus. Plus, the jars are so pretty that she can reuse them once the candle is gone.” – David P.

Hemp Shower Steamer Bombs

For the mom who needs a little relaxation time, we have the Hemp Shower Steamer Bombs. These shower bombs are infused with hemp oil and essential oils, and they’ll turn her shower into a spa-like experience. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day.

“Absolutely amazing! I was a little skeptical about these at first, but I have to admit, they’re pretty cool. The hemp oil and essential oils make my shower smell like a spa, and it’s a nice way to unwind after a long day.” – Mary M.

Middle Finger Lamp

And last but not least, we have the Middle Finger Lamp. This lamp is perfect for the mom who has a great sense of humor and isn’t afraid to show it. It’s a conversation starter, and it’ll make her laugh every time she looks at it.

“This lamp is definitely a conversation starter. I put it on my desk at work, and my coworkers can’t help but chuckle when they walk by. It’s a silly little thing, but it brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.” Brandon P.

I Love My Ungrateful Children Women Mother’s Day Shirt

And if you really want to go all out, get her the “I Love My Ungrateful Children” Funny Mother’s Day Shirt. It’s a gift that’s sure to make her laugh and remind her that no matter what, you’re always her ungrateful child.

“I got this shirt for my mom as a little joke, and she loves it! She wears it around the house and gets a kick out of the looks she gets from visitors. And honestly, as one of her ungrateful children, I can confirm that the sentiment is accurate.” – Blake L.

These funny Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2023 are sure to make your mom laugh and show her how much you care. And remember, the best gift you can give her is your time and attention. Happy Mother’s Day!

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