Ramen Face Mask

Ramen Face Mask – Chances are if you have glasses and wear a face mask, your glasses are going to fog up, so why not fog-up your glasses in style with this hilarious Ramen face mask?!

The unique face mask looks like the front of a package of Ramen that sits on your face like a horse feed bag, and is made specially for people with glasses as the foggier your glasses get, the hotter the Ramen noodles look to be.

Translation: I made a mask for people with glasses. The more cloudy your glasses are, the hotter you can see the Ramen. Ease of use, no better than this.

The Ramen noodles face mask was designed and created by Takahiro Shibata, an artist from Japan that specializes in creating unique and unusual cakes and inventions which he showcases on his Twitter page where he’s amassed quite a following who enjoy his creations. Tagahiro has a shop where he sells his creations, but there’s no word yet if he plans to sell this Ramen Face mask on his shop yet. I guess we’ll have to wait and see


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