Printable The Office Guess Who

printable the office guess who

Print out your own version of The Office Guess Who! 

Multiple Blue/Red card sizes available for you convenience. They fit to most Guess Who board sizes. There are 8 PDF files of two different paper sizes and 14 PNG images of the cards for your convenience.

office guess who printable

The 24 Characters Include:
Kevin Malone, Darryl Philbin, Jim Halpert, Meredith Palmer, Karen Filippelli, Erin Hannon
David Wallace, Robert California, Jan Levinson, Todd Packer, Gabe Lewis, Toby Flenderson
Andy Bernand, Pam Beesley, Kelly Kapoor, Dwight Schrute, Michael Scott, Creed Bratton
Holly Flax, Oscar Martinez, Phyllis Vance, Angela Martin, Stanley Hudson, Ryan Howard



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