Pee My Plants Garden Sculpture

Pee My Plants Garden Sculpture – Time to go water the bushes and houseplants. 😏🪴Designed to look like a miniature version of the peeing boy trope popularized in ancient times, our whimsical Pee My Plants Garden Sculpture is so silly it may make you pee your pants!

Watering plants can be boring, mundane, and easy to forget. Yes plants depend on being watered to stay alive, every fiber of their being relies on you to carry out this crucial task, but where’s the fun?

Cheeky plant waterer designed to look like a well known fountain design
A mini statue of a boy widdling away, without a care in the world
Just add water! What goes in, must come out.
He’ll pee a targeted pour right into your plants. Less drips, less mess!
A fun gift lovers of the Renaissance Era and potty humor!
This little fella is so much fun that now you’ll want to water your plants more than once a week! every day in fact! even multiple times a day!! Okay, yeah. So, don’t do that. Over-watering is the leading cause of deaths in house plants. Whomp. Whomp.

Ceramic. Measures approximately 2.5 inches wide x 6.15 inches tall. Our desktop sized statue is a fun present guaranteed to deliver big laughs with little splash back.

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