Necronomicon Book Cover

Necronomicon Book Cover – Only real horror fans will get how special this book cover is! Check out this Evil Dead Necronomicon Book Cover

Summoned from the dark dimensions of Pirkleations Creations “Things that go bump in the Night” department comes a gruesome bit of literary adornment that will turn your school binder, atlas, cook book or photo album into an arcane tool of evil!! Custom-sculpted by David Pirkle and cast in durable latex rubber for that “fresh-from-the-tomb” look that every necromancer loves! This cover will fit books measuring 10 inches tall by 8 inches wide by 1 1/2 inches thick on the spine, but can be trimmed to fit slightly smaller books or stretched to fit slightly larger books. It comes to you fully painted. It can easily be attached to most surfaces using contact cement, super glue, hot glue or spray adhesive. It has an extra flap of latex around the edges to help in the mounting process.

Be the talk of the library with this unique and bizarre cover! “Organ-ize” your Biology book! Spice up the Cookbook! Re-possess that Atlas!! Give new definition to that Dictionary!!! Put a binding spell on that Binder!!!! David Pirkle has been creating unique costumes, artwork and props for more than 35 years for the independent film industry, theater productions, haunted houses and private collectors. It has been used in many independent films, music videos and events. His artwork has reached the four corners of the world! And now, it can reach your corner, too!! 🙂

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