Halloween Garden Gnomes

Halloween Garden Gnomes – Add more flair to your Halloween Garden decor with these iconic Horror movie masked murderers as your Garden Gnomes!

From beneath the deep murky waters of Camp Blood to beneath the hedges around your home…
The Crystal Lake Slasher!
This machete-carrying, hockey mask-wearing savage is both unrelenting and unstoppable.
A campfire story of a killer in the woods soon turned into a teenage wasteland of a crime scene; doomed to repeat itself again and again.
Standing 12in tall and weighing 10lbs let him make your lawn the next crime scene.

He killed for mother, now bring him home to kill for you!!

From the darkest nightmares of the kids on Elm St to your front lawn under the elm tree…
The Springwood Terror!
This devious blade-fingered slasher is something from your worst dreams.
12in tall and 10lbs; If you don’t believe in him he’ll have no power, but give it time and he’ll slice his way into your subconscious.
Sleep will be your enemy, both in your head and in your garden.

one, two, let him come for you..
three, four, right to your front door..

From the dark annals of American history to the dark spot beside your shrubs…
The Garden Chainsaw Butcher!
This backwoods beast is best known for his love of Chainsaws, his penchant for taxidermy, and his wide array of leather masks and accessories.
A deranged, quite possibly inbred killer who looove to watch them suffer.
He’s 11” tall, weighs 10 lbs, and can’t wait to become your personal arborist

Order now to see who will survive in your garden and what will be left of them.


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