Google Home Mini Baby Yoda Stand

Google Home Mini Baby Yoda Stand – This stand transforms your hockey puck Google Home Mini into a stylish, statement piece. You can now make it look like everyone’s favorite Star Wars character, Baby Yoda.

This custom-designed stand is sleek, stylish and stable to view your Google Home in an upright position. The simple design feeds the cable through a small hole on the top to keep it secure. Easy to install!

Fabricated with 3D printed PLA plastic. Does not include Google Home Mini. We’re not liable for any harm or damage caused by the misuse of the product. All 3D Printed products are made by the Plastic Extrusion method. This means that plastic is heated and layered upon itself to build the final part. As a result, the completed product will sometimes have imperfections as part of the printing process. Printed parts that are subject to high temperatures may be distorted. Examples include; inside a hot car, in direct sunlight for prolonged periods or any other area that can potentially exceed 150 Degrees F.

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