Eight Awesome Shirts You Should Be Wearing


Step up your wardrobe with these 8 awesome shirts!

Some say that we are defined by what we wear and what better way is there to let people know about ourselves by expressing your thoughts through your shirt. There are a thousand ways to go about this in reality but here at Shut Up and Take My Money, we’ve trimmed down the choices for you. Just pick your poison as the saying goes.. Oops, we meant to pick your shirt now!

Red White and Booze Tee

*** Made from premium poly/cotton blend but is slim fit so order a larger shirt if you’re between sizes.

*** High quality super soft T-shirt that gives you a vintage fit and feels while you’re walking around with this.

Uncle Sam would love to get tipsy with you while you have this shirt on. Go out with your friends to drinking sessions and flaunt this around so they know who’s the booze boss. No one messes with a patriot!

Be part of the red, white, and booze brigade here!

Game of Thrones – Waiting for a Targaryen T-Shirt

*** 100% combed and ring-spun cotton which comes in Grey and White colors.

*** Has side seams with a retail fit and is equipped with shoulder to shoulder taping.

We’re suckers for anything Game of Thrones so don’t be mad if you see more than one shirt from that show on this blog post. Let’s be honest: everybody wants their own Daenerys Targaryen (or Emilia Clarke in that regard) and you now have the power to let people know about it with this shirt. That’s easier said and might never be done but who knows? You might just stumble upon someone who’s looking for his own Jon Snow.

Time to get your own Targaryen targeting shirt now.

Star Wars “Can’t Sith With Us” – T-Shirt

*** American Apparel fine jersey tee that comes in black and navy colors.

*** 100% combed and ring-spun cotton which comes in unisex sizing so that everybody could have their own.

Some people just don’t get simple messages when they see one. Let them know that if they can’t take a stand for what they want, then “You Can’t Sith With Us.” Kylo, Maul, and Darth Vader would be giving them mad stares that would scare them good if they don’t feel like joining the dark side.

Leave the light and Sith with us here.

Trek Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Spock Shirt

*** Premium cotton tee with an exclusive design to Spock the world.

*** Just wash it inside out with cold water and hang dry to maintain that vintage fit and feels.

Rock. Paper. Scissors. Lizard. Spock. Sheldon would punish your sanity with that game so before you wreck yourself, just Star Trek yourself. This shirt lets Spock get as cool as he could be and that makes you just as amazing. You don’t even have to be a Star Trek fan just to get your message across.

Live long and prosper by getting this shirt today.

TWD Team Negan T-Shirt

*** Available in both MEN’S/UNISEX and WOMEN’S SLIM FIT with 4 great colors to choose from.

*** 100% combed and ring-spun cotton to give you that saviors-like feeling.

Have you heard that Rick Grimes is leaving the show after Season 9? So did we. That’s your queue to join Team Negan and be acquainted with Lucille (properly!), as The Walking Dead goes to a territory that fans might not have imagined. Show your loyalty now and thank us later. You don’t want to be on the wrong end of this beat-down.

Be Lucille’s friend by getting this shirt here.

I Wish I Was A Unicorn T-Shirt

*** Made from premium poly/cotton blend that gives you that heavenly fit and feels.

*** Available in Men’s/Unisex, Women’s Slim Fit, and Youth sizes so that everyone who wants to be a unicorn could wear it.

A pot of gold at the tail end of the rainbow, Nessie, and unicorns. These are just some of the things that people have claimed to witness but has never proven up to this day. We all wish there is some truth to any of these but the closest we could get is by wearing a unicorn horn and stabbing someone in the head with it. That might be a bit too violent but hey, we have to let people know about how we feel sometimes. Get out of the way if you don’t want to get forked by this uni-horn.

Get that unicorn swag by purchasing this shirt.

GoT – Team Jerseys

*** Printed on 50/50 poly/cotton jersey knit that gives you an excellent fitness feeling.

*** Front of jersey displays “team” sigil while the back side displays “team” (GoT family name) and the number – 00.

We gave you a heads up that there will be more than one GoT product on this list and we’re sure this is one addition that you don’t mind. Show the world where your loyalty is with these unique shirts that are actually on sale right now. The Night’s Watch is on a collision course with the White Walkers soon. I heard they are recruiting…

Be a member of a specific house by choosing sides here.

My Husband’s Wife is Awesome T-Shirt

*** Made of premium poly/cotton blend with a vintage fit and feels.

*** Available in Women’s Slim Fit so be wary of the size before purchasing!

We can all agree that we all love women. Let your wife (or your girlfriend who thinks you’re already married!) know how much you value her awesomeness by getting her this shirt. We’re sure you’d be getting more than just smiles and a smooch from doing this *wink wink*

Let the missus know how much she is loved. Get her this shirt.


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