Awesome Products That Will Make You Love Sharks

shark products

Anthony Jeselnik would be so proud of this post and Jason Statham will be running at the sight of this.Sharks have always been depicted as evil, flesh-eating creatures since we were young. We’re still young and we know that they still are! Here are products that will change your perception about sharks and make you realize how lovely they are.

Shark Sushi Plate

shark sushi plate

Because eating sushi could be so funny and scary at the same time.

This hand-painted ceramic sushi serving platter was inspired by sharks so you could dip your food at one spot that’s pretty much obvious.

Let the shark attack begin via Amazon.

Sharkini Swimsuit Bikini

sharkini swimsuit

We’re not quite sure if you wanna eat this or be eaten by this. Oops. The swimsuit is made of cotton and Polyester and it’s guaranteed to keep you safe from actual sharks. Just gotta watch out for those daddy sharks…

This one piece is sitting at Amazon and waiting for you to grab it.

Magnetic Shark Salt & Pepper Shaker

magnetic shark salt and paper shaker

“AHHHH!!! My legggg!!!”

Nope. That’s just your salt and pepper shaker right there. This ceramic shaker set was embedded with magnets to keep your shakers adjoined so it appears that the shark is biting foot. Just make sure that you hand wash it because it’s not dishwasher or microwave safe.

Give us your leg and take it back from Amazon.

Shark Attack Cookie Mug

shark mug

Did you know that sharks also like cookies? No, they actually don’t. This mug however makes it look the shark likes ’em cookies so much with a front compartment that could hold your food in place.

Another one of those crafty products brought to you by Etsy.

Hammerhead Corkscrew / Bottle Opener

shark bottle opener

We heard that hammerhead sharks are for real.. so we turned it into this chrome bottle opener. Made from Zinc and plated Chrome, the hammerhead nose is an easy grip corkscrew while its head acts as the bottle opener. Pretty convenient for a $15 goodie.

Amazon is the home of this hammerhead shark so go get it there now.

Shark Attack Toilet Paper Holder

shark toilet paper holder

It’s either a trap or a grim reminder that you should keep your hands off the water. This handcasted tower holder is made of real crushed stone bonded with high-quality designer resin to be perfectly fit with your home or garden. Sharks could also help in wiping those wounds away if they bite you somehow..

Get the shark before it gets you from Amazon.

Shark Attack Bowl

shark attack bowl

Tired of kids sneaking behind your back for them candies? Scare them pretty well with this Shark Attack Bowl. Made of ceramic that’s dishwasher and microwave safe, this bowl could be home for up to 20 oz of goodies that you’d like to keep in it. This should keep some of your food safe from those pesky little invaders.

Another brilliant idea that’s brought to you by ThinkGeek.

Shark Sleeping Bag

shark sleeping bag

Just like a scene reminiscent of the old Jaws movie franchise, behold the sight of someone sleeping while being eaten alive by a shark! This sleeping plush toy is perfect for camping and road trips where you want to stand out among your friends. We’re quite sure that a shark laying on the soil looks just as good as one that’s in the sea.

Be eaten in your sleep by getting this from Amazon now.

Shark Slippers

shark slippersWe didn’t actually think that sharks could look this cute on your feet. This Chomping Shark Plush Slippers turn your feet into sharks in an instant while keeping them cool and comfy inside. One size fits lots of adult humans so you could safely order this and know that you could wear it with relative ease.

Another ThinkGeek exclusive creation could be yours today if you want.

Shark Pet Bed

shark pet bed

Sharks don’t exclusively like humans — they’d pretty much eat anything including your pets. This very kawaii pet bed is perfectly cushioned for your pets so they won’t get scared of sleeping in it. Enjoy taking pictures while they’re at it!

Feed your pet to the sharks with the help of Amazon!

Baby Shark Costume

baby shark costume

“Baby shark doo doo doo ♪♪ ♫♫ “

Inspired by the worldwide phenomenon, turn your baby into a shark with Rubie’s Costume Deluxe Shark Romper Costum. It’s made of 100% Polyester to ensure your baby’s comfort and easy for them to dress up. This costume is a great addition to any dress-up wardrobe and makes a gift that will be appreciated by both child and parents, especially those who have integrated their kids with the dance moves of the classic hit.

It’s time to bring baby shark to life for real via Amazon!

Shark Fin Ice Tray

Who would have thought that sharks could also float in your drinks? No one actually did. This shark fin tray could help you produce 4 sharks at a time that will float on a liquid surface just like the real thing. Spice up your drinking party by producing funky ice with this ice tray.

Amazon is the key to the shark attack party!

Shark Oven Mitt

We fed your leg earlier to the salt and pepper container so we’d be glad to assist you in getting some payback. This shark-inspired mitts was brightly designed to scare your oven away with its design when your hands are ready to take the food you just made from it. Not that it will be scared but at least we made you try!

Turn your hand into a shark by getting this from Amazon.

Air Swimmer Remote Control Shark

air swimmer remote control shark

We’ve always been afraid of sharks so it’s just about time that we harness the power to control them! This remote controlled shark is awesome for indoor family fun and it moves up, down, or a full 360 degrees up to 40 feet away. However, it needs to be filled with helium but can be reinflated over and over. It also stays inflated for up to two weeks and requires 4 AAA batteries to operate.

Be the ultimate sharkmaster and ask Amazon for your own pet shark today!

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