Amazon R2D2 Echo

Amazon R2D2 Echo – Turn your Echo into R2D2!

Beep Boop Beep! Accessorize your Amazon Echo Dot with R2D2! A perfect item for any Star Wars fan, this made to order accessory is 3D printed with PLA on an FDM 3D printer. What that means is thin layers of plastic are built up slowly to form the product — the layer lines are visible if you zoom in on the pictures. Since each print is done one at a time, each item is subject to some imperfections and differences from one to another. The interior surfaces will have a rougher finish but will be hidden when placed on the Echo Dot.

This accessory is made the 3rd generation Echo Dot, and if you’re unsure of what version you have, the 3rd generation has fabric around its body where the 2nd gen is all plastic. Both the 2nd and 3rd gen have 4 buttons on its face but the 1st gen just has 2.

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