20 Hilarious Bootleg Halloween Costumes

20 Hilarious Bootleg Halloween Costumes – Halloween is upon us again! And while some people enjoy being scared out of their wits, others prefer a more light-hearted approach to the holiday. If you’re looking for some funny, Not-So-Scary costume ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 20 hilariously bootleg costumes that will have everyone laughing.

  1. Wizard Villain

2. Potter Teacher

3. Unusual Events

4. Woodland Warrior

5. Dr. Fish

6. Where’s The Stripey Dude?

6. Carribean Adventures

7. Back Alley Brawler

8. Governor Of Tasteville

9. Men’s Out Of Space Costume

10. Purple Pain

11. Fifth Dimension

12. Cyberman or Padre

13. Stalker

14. Misfit Sidekick

16. Spirit

17. Midweek Cutie

18. Night Killer

19. Juice Demon


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