10 Products Every Cat Lover Should Own!

cat products every cat lover should own


Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr…

You’re prolly no Sheldon but we know that you love your feline so much that you’re going to get them every item on this list.

Cat Taco Bed

cat taco bed

If you think your cats aren’t jealous when you eat tacos.. think again. This taco bed is made of soft, padded fleece and micro fiber yarn to give your cat that ultimate feeling of comfort. It also includes 3 catnip-stuffed chili pepper toys to keep your cat busy.

Save yourself from the trouble of having to go to Taco Bell with your cat. Go shop at Amazon instead.

Iron Throne Cat Bed

iron throne cat bed

Is that Joffrey? Or Cersei? Nope! It’s just your cat, sitting high and pretty on this handmade Iron Throne Cat Bed. It’s made of fleece, plastic, and  polyester filling to give your cat that wurm, fuzzy feeling. It also comes in silver color stripes to give you the visuals of a the real iron throne.

Let your cat rule all of Westeros by getting this from Etsy today.

Cat Shaped Kitty Door

cat shaped kitty door

We heard that cats love sneaking in through small holes or jumping through windows just to get out of the house to poop or take a piss. We’d love to save you from the trouble of having to worry about a foul-smelling home with Purrfect Portal’s pet cat door. With its clever design, this pet portal creates a safe, finished opening in any interior door from 1.25″ to 1.75″ thick to make sure your door is intact and that your cat will fit nicely. Pretty neat stuff right here.

End those days of being surprised by a jumping feline via Amazon.

Indiana Jones Roped Cat Bridge

indiana jones roped cat bridge

Cats love walking on tight spaces and does it perfectly.. just like Indiana Jones. This unique product was made using pine, paracord roping, twine, and steel to ensure your cat’s safety (do they ever get injured when they fall?) while giving them that privilege to be the action star of their own film. Don’t be surprised if you ever see them sleeping on their back in it — a lot of other cats end up doing that!

Harrison Ford would be thrilled to see your cat in this. Etsy is waiting for you now.

Cat Hammock

We know that cats are hard to find when they start slipping under spaces where they shouldn’t be, so we’re here to present a product that will make you secure on where they are. This cat hammock will virtually fit any chair and be strong enough to carry your cat while it sleeps or relaxes while staying hidden from human eyes. Cats could get really shy like that.

Baby sit your cat with class by getting this crib from Amazon.

Cat Bubble Backpack

Wanna take that cat with you wherever you go without having to worry if they’re getting anxious? Purrrfect! We just got the bag that fits the bill. Anzone’s pet portable carrier space capsule could fit your cat that weighs 10 lbs or less and is covered with a thin protective film is to prevent the outer shell from being scratched during a long-distance transportation. You could move around with relative ease without worrying about your cat!

Let Amazon help you with your feline during travels now.


Cat Battle Armor

Want a custom-made gear for your cat who likes fighting its kin? This one is what you’re looking for (for the looks, not the protection though!) This handmade item could be customized to fit your cat’s measurement while keeping it sane, as the armor is made of leather, waxed cord, nickel silver hardware, and elastic (and not metal if you’re thinking of that.)

Now your cat could kick ass with style, thanks to our friends from Etsy!

There’s Like A Bunch of Cats In Here Doormat

theres like a bunch of cats in here doormat

Not much description is needed for this one. Pretty self-explanatory (especially if you have more than cat.)

Amazon cares about your kitties, so let people know that you have a bunch of em.

Cat Scratching DJ Deck

Wanna turn your cat into Joe Hahn and save your other items from getting totally clawed off? Ding ding ding! Here comes an easy to assemble cardboard scratching deck for cats of all sizes and ages. In case you didn’t know that cats scratch furniture to exercise, (well, we kinda didn’t know too!) this makeshift turntable should help them in doing that while keeping you entertained and worry free.

Let the party begin! Get this from Amazon wuhooo!

Cat Exercise Wheel

We fear that your cat might get pretty obese so we’d like to share a little something with you. One Fast Cat’s exercise wheel is the most rewarding training experience for you and your cat (walk with your cat already, come on) so get them to start running in this. Its running surface uses EVA foam to cushion the cat’s steps and prevent claws from getting stuck in it when your cat loses its temper. Don’t run in it though!

Let your cat get physical.. physical.. via Amazon.

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