10 Must-Have Products For Your Pool!



It’s about time that you make your pool extra cool!

Floating around the pool makes us feel calm and collected on a very fine day. Of course, this won’t be possible if you don’t have any (or all!) of these must-have products that should be found in it! So check out these 10 Must-Have Products For Your Pool!

Doggy Pool Float

We have lots of love for dogs here at Shut Up and Take My Money and that’s no secret as you can see here on our first item recommendation for you. Don’t you know that dogs love swimming too? Well, we do and that’s why we’d like you to get this doggy float that features a paw-and-claw-friendly fabric covering for puncture resistant construction. It’s also tailored to make your dog feel comfortable while they’re floating around. Take note that this is highly recommended for dogs that weigh more than 30 kg!

Stop swimming alone. Amazon wants you to share the pool with your dog.

Giant Inflatable Pool Ring Toss

We love playing and so should you! First among the many other gaming items that we think should be on your pool is this giant ring toss that’s currently on sale. It comes with 5 giant tossing rings (which you can use as for floating if you’re not playing!) and a target buoy that floats just as fine if you want to ride it. Perfect game to play if you wanna know who’s on-target in the gang.

Start shooting those rings by getting this from Amazon today.

Starfighter Soaker Inflatable Pool Toy

We wish you know how much we love Star Wars and we’re hoping that you do as well. We’d love to fit into this Starfighter Super Squirter Inflatable Pool toy if we could and just blow everyone in the pool away with our blaster. Just be mindful that the weight capacity that this could carry is 140 lbs — it’s not something that every adult who aspires to be a Starfighter could board!

Join the (water)fight for the galaxy by getting this from Amazon today.

Wireless Pool Speaker

Is music a vital cog in your life? Don’t swim without it then. Audio Unlimited’s PoolPod wireless floating speaker allows you to listen to music or any saved audio file in whatever type of water environment you may be floating in. It’s 100% waterproof and will ensure you that the music will keep going if there are obstacles between your device and the speaker (just in case that you get tired of swimming and decide to go elsewhere!)

Swim to your heart’s delight with the music right beside you courtesy of Amazon.

LED Pool Stools


Pool party, anyone?

We’ve always wanted to host our own party with island swim bars but we only have pools for such a thing. These submergible bar stools made it possible (even at night!) with the help of remote-controlled rechargeable lights to illuminate the stools. It was also designed to be easily removable to make it easier to resume your normal pool activities once the party is over.

Let’s get the pool party started with the help of Amazon.


BigMouth Inc Wacky Waving Tubeman Pool Float

Looking for some long company? You found your guy right here! This 6-foot long giant is made of high-quality, durable vinyl that includes a patch kit to keep you company for your pool events. It is sturdy but it won’t stand up on its own in the pool (but it could surely act as a totem if you just leave it standing right by you in the pool!)

Let the fun begin via Amazon.


Intex Inflat-A-Bull Novelty

“Yeeeeeeeeeeeee Hawwwwww”

How long can you stay on the bull while everyone else is rocking it? We’d love to know as well. Almost everyone who has tried this Inflat-A-Bull ride has loved every minute of their experience. Featuring a durable 17.5 gauge vinyl, 3 air chambers, and durable grab handles, it could easily be the life of the party for your pool experience. Just take note that 250 lbs is the cap of what our sturdy bull can handle!

Be the ultimate Matador today via Amazon!

Inflatable Pool Beer Pong Table

Everybody loves beer pong so we made sure you’ll be able to do it over water.

This floating beer pong table features a 10 cup rack on each side to securely keep cups in and is 100% portable and easy to inflate and deflate. It is perfect for any swimming parties for as long as everyone stays sane after drinking too much. We’d love to see you drown in alcohol but please don’t sink because you had too much of it!

It’s time to get your friends tipsy via Amazon.

Floating Island Raft

“My life was perfectly fine until I met this girl who flipped my world upside down…”

Got an awesome story to tell? Be sure to do it in the middle of an ocean with your friends while you float around in this island raft. It could keep up to 6 people on board with dimensions of 155″ x 129″ x 30″ (394 x 328 x 76 cm), or carry up to 600 kgs worth of people and items that you’d like to bring with you on it. It also has a suntanning deck, cup holders, built-in coolers and a boarding platform to keep everybody cool and comfy while you tell them the story of your life.

Keep everyone afloat while you showboat by getting this from Amazon today.

Floating Ping Pong Table

Are you a sucker for competition? So are we. Keep your competitive juices flowing by adding this 54″ x 27″ soft foam table to your pool gear. It comes with oversized floating paddles, a net with supports, and three regulation balls to keep you and your ping pong buddy busy. Just imagine having to play beer pong and ping pong on the same pool at the same time. Balls will literally be everywhere.

Time to smash the competition by purchasing this from Amazon.


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