10 Best Fortnite Products To Get Your Battle Royale On!

best fortnite products

10 Best Fortnite Products To Get Your Battle Royale On! – Prepare for battle with these 10 pieces of epic Fortnite loot! A fine addition to the collection of any player trying to get in the mindset for their next (or first) dub.


Fortnite Boogie Bomb Night Light/Prop

fortnite led boogie bomb

Make an instant dance party anywhere with this excellent 3D printed rare boogie bomb! The cause of some of the most hilarious elims Fortnite’s ever seen! The boogie bomb makes the perfect prop for any Fortnite cosplay, as well as a stylish nightlight for the bedroom, assuming, of course, you can resist the need to boogie! Available with, or without the LED lights.


Fortnite Gamer Socks

fortnite socks

In a Battle Royale match, even the smallest distraction can be fatal. The last thing you need when the map has shrunk to a mere few yards in the top 10 is someone who doesn’t understand what’s at stake bothering you with an unimportant question. Stop the distractions before they happen with these socks! Available in child and adult sizes.


3D Printed Loot Llama Pinatas Coin Bank

fortnite llama piggy bank

Make the world’s most iconic Llama part of your home! These 3D printed cuties are available in a variety of different sizes and colors. You can store your loot IRL with the 3D printed Llama piggybank! Adorn any shelf or desk with the full-size solid figurine, and a mini makes the perfect paperweight! All sizes are available in classic colors, gold, and diamond. If you’re feeling creative, get your Llama unpainted to paint yourself at home!

Come get yourself a Llama!




Rainbow Smash Pickaxe Replica

fortnite rainbow smash pickaxe

Get your glitter on with this rare and accurate 39” Rainbow Smash Pickaxe replica! While this Officially-Licensed piece of merchandise might not be ready to break down walls, it’d be perfect adorning one! The Fortnite Rainbow Smash Pickaxe Replica is currently available for pre-order, and ships in December so lock yours down now!


Monopoly: Fortnite Edition

fortnite monopoly

Bring Fortnite to the tabletop for your whole family to enjoy with Monopoly: Fortnite edition! Square off against 2-7 total players in a battle against each other and the storm. Monopoly: Fortnite edition features your favorite Fortnite locations as properties; you earn Health Point chips to survive instead of Monopoly Money and choose between 27 different Fortnite outfits! Get hours of fun for the whole family right here!


Chug Jug Drink Holder

fortnite chug jug

Gotta keep those vitals up… Your mental ones at least. With this legendary fully functional 3D printed chug jug drink holder, you can do just that! Perfectly fits all your favorite energy drinks, like NOS, Monster, Rockstar, and BANG! Get that edge on the competition here.


Personalized Fortnite LED Lamp

fortnite led lamp

Get your very own, personalized LED Lamp That comes in 6 different styles! They’ll put any name (or EPIC ID) you want on it, so you don’t have to worry if you aren’t named Tom. These lamps are powered via micro USB cable or 3 AAA batteries so you can put the lamp wherever you need! Bring some mood lighting to that gaming cove of yours here.


8″ Standard Pickaxe

fortnitte pickaxe

While it’s not exactly Legendary or Mythic skin, this is the first love! This is your workhorse, ol’ faithful; the iconic Fortnite pickaxe that started it all! Nothin’ fancy, but she gets the job done. This 3D printed 8” model stands on its own and makes a great addition to any desk! Get your very own classic here.


Durr Burger

fortnite durr burger

Head on down to Greasy Grove for your very own Durr Burger! While this 3D printed, 3” model is NOT edible, it looks great on any desk, or sitting by your gaming rig to keep your spirits high even after the most demoralizing losses! You can’t stay down looking at that derpy face. Get ‘em while they’re hot! (Off the 3D printer).


Loot Supply Llama Plushie

fortnite llama plush

Keep RNGesus on your side with this loot supply llama plushie (massive deployment balloon sold separately). Available in 8” and 10” sizes, this little cuddle buddy is ready to sit with you through all the highs and lows of Battle Royale. Get sniped out of the sky before you even land? Your plushie will be there to comfort you. Get 20 kills and a dub in solo? Your plushie will be there to celebrate! Get this cozy companion here.



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