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BMO Flask

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BMO Flask

Your favorite living video game console from Adventure Time with Finn and Jake has been given the super fine flask treatment!

Fill him up with your favorite adult beverage! Jaegerbombs? Lemondrops? Buttery Nipples? Jello Shots? Everybooooodddddy shots shots shots! Wooops got a little bit into LMFAO right there, but you totally get the idea!

But seriously, BMO’s resume includes: video game console, portable electrical outlet, music player, camera, alarm clock, toaster, video player, and even CHEF, so flask is like, totally on his level! Happy drinking!

Now SHUTUP and give me the details!

  • 8 oz. flask
  • Heavy gauge 201 Stainless Steel
  • 0.4mm thick (soldered at the joints)
  • Vinyl wrapped

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