Top 12 Absolutely Coolest Mugs on The Planet!

Start your mornings off right and stop drinking out of the same old boring mug!

Mugs tickle our fancy here at Shut Up and Take My Money because this is where we sip our favorite drinks from. We’re quite sure that you do the same thing with your mug but these mugs are just a cut above the rest and should be a part of your cupboard for a lot of reasons. We’re about to educate you with some muggin’ lovin’ today!

Creepy Nic Cage Face Mug!

“You don’t say?”

Nic demands some answers from you and he’s dead serious about it. There’s no better image on a mug to ruin someone’s day than his creepy face and that’s more than enough reason to get this. Made out of high-quality ceramic, this 11 Oz mug is guaranteed to make or break someone’s day.

Did we tell you this item is also on sale now?

Pickle Rick Mug!

“Show me what you got!”

Oh, boy, we got you this new mug! Rick Sanchez goes banana and became a mug! Rick and Morty fans can’t miss out on this ceramic mug that has our alcoholic genius right on it. Like a standard mug, you could fill it to the brim with up to 11 Oz of liquid.. or whatever that is that Rick is drinking from his flask.

We’ll run out of stock soon so you better get this mug.

Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Mug!

One snap changed everything… oops! Spoiler alert! We hope you have seen Avengers: Infinity War before even thinking about buying this shining and shimmering gauntlet mug. All the infinity stones are here for the taking and all you have to do is grab it. An authentic Disney Store product that’s faceted with jewel infinity stone accents, this mug was designed to keep your drinks hot and powerful.

It’s time to take control of the 7th floor. Amazon is ready to give you the gauntlet!

Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug!

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

Just color our world, Mr. Ross. This 10 Oz ceramic mug is almost pitch black when it’s cold and will change to one that has Bob’s painting when you pour any hot beverage in it. This color changing mug is microwave safe but is not dishwasher safe so don’t soak it.. or you’ll lose the beauty of everything!

Coffee is your paint and the cupboard is your canvass. Amazon is the key to your painting career.

Camera Lens Mug

“Say cheeeeeseeee!”

This mug gives you a realistic camera lens look and feels that could fool anyone who’s feeling like a hipster for snacks. With a detachable lens cover lid that could act as your cookie holder (see picture above!) you pretty much have everything you need for your coffee break. It could hold 15 Oz of liquid and is definitely a great gift idea for your hipster and photographer friends.

Our friends from Amazon can’t wait to provide you with these drinking lenses.

Donkey Kong Shaped Mug


Are you a fan of Donkey Kong or Super Mario games? Even if no is your answer, we think that this mug is something that you’ll still recognize with ease. An officially licensed Super Mario product, this awesome DK mug is currently on sale here on our site and should help in keeping your hydrated (with coffee or soda) for the long haul as it is oversized to quench your gaming thirst.

Enjoy this cuppa with your puppa. *puffs chest*

World’s Okayest Dad Coffee Mug

Funny Guy Mugs is known for coming up with products that could make people feel good about themselves.. or not really. Let your dad know that he is the best among the okayest with this 11 Oz ceramic mug that’s microwave and dishwasher friendly. Oh and don’t worry if your dad is left-handed — he’ll see how okay he is on both sides.

Give him this big thumbs up mug via Amazon.

Game Boy Heat Changing Coffee Mug

“Save the princessssss!”

Pretty nostalgic, isn’t it? This retro-themed product could be your pal for both hot and cold beverages, but you’d see the magic of the Mario start-up screen when you pour a hot drink into it. Keep tabs on the fact that this officially licensed Nintendo mug isn’t microwave or dishwasher friendly due to heat activated decal and its ceramic make.

Capture that flag with Mario when you get this from Amazon.

Tea Rex Mug!

We’re not scared of big dinosaurs with tiny arms but we’re kinda scared about the idea of not being able to have a good tea when you crave for one. This 15 Oz Tea Rex mug is made from high-fired ceramic with high definition printing on both sides and an easy grip handle (because you know, T-Rex is bad at holding mugs) that would fit any dominant hand. It also works like a usual household mug because it’s dishwasher and microwave ready.

Don’t run away from the Tea Rex. Go get it from Amazon.

Darth Vader Self Stirring Mug!

The force is indeed pretty strong on this one as this Star Wars-themed self-stirring mug is primed to do the dirty work for you. With your father (we mean Luke’s) on the cover, this mug with a stainless steel exterior, plastic interior, handle and lid keeps your drink warm while it’s stored in it. The button on the handle activates the electronic stirrer (batteries not included!) to give you that Jedi-ish feels that you could stir your coffee… using the force.

Let the force take over you via Amazon.

This is my Zombie Killing Mug!

This isn’t your average Walking Dead merchandise (it’s not even affiliated in any way) but you could splatter some undead brains with this bad ass mug. It’s made of ceramic so it isn’t microwave friendly (because the knuckles might melt in the process) but is good enough to keep you company for some 14 Oz drinks and could be dishwashed afterward.

Get this from Amazon before the zombies get you.

Super Mario Power Up Mug!

coolest mugs

“One up, one up!”

Bump your head (just not so hard!) onto this Mushroom Molded Mug from Super Mario Brothers. Made from a ceramic material, this cute mug isn’t dishwasher or microwave safe so be sure to make the recipient know about that. It could store up to 15 Oz of liquid, both hot and cold, and will definitely be loved by Mario fan.

Make this cute mushroom mug yours by getting it from Amazon today.

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