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Hollabears "Shawty U Fine" Plush Bear 10"

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Hollabears "Shawty U Fine" 10" Bear

Tell your shawty just how fine she is!...but make sure she has a sense of humor first!

What lovely lady wouldn’t want this adorable (yet mildly inappropriate) stuffed bear?! Don’t think this bear sends the right message? Check out our other Holla bears on the site featuring “Aye Bae Lemme Holla!” or our ""Is U Jewish?" Hollabear.

Now SHUTUP and give me the details :

  • Light beige/carmel in coloring
  • Stands at 10”
  • Soft, plush
  • Surprisingly, not recommended for children…who would have thought?!
So cute! The bear is just the right size, super soft and cuddly too!
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