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Stackable Tetris Light

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Do you stay up late at night trying to figure out ways to get your piece to fit in right and tight? We know, it’s frustrating!

Now you can get off your computer or game console and start playing Tetris in the real world (wait, what were you thinking?)

This great Tetris lamp, modeled after the extremely popular computer game, makes a great accent to any game room, office desk, living room, or bedroom!

Pieces can be stacked in a variety of ways and each piece lights up as the next one touches it! This might be the best invention since blocks!

Now SHUTUP and give me the details!

Seven-piece interlocking light

Lamp measures at 7x4x1 inches (in the combination as shown in the picture, size will change with arrangement)

Bright, neon colored magic-cube design

Pieces can be stacked in any combination; blue piece acts as the base

Light turns on when the pieces are stacked together and off when dissembled; pieces must be touching for light to work

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