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Star Wars Lightsaber Keys (Set of 2)


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Star Wars Lightsaber Keys (Set of 2)

Are you tired of every day gold and silver house keys? Ready to put some kook on your key ring? Are you ready to make your locks, lookers? Vader suggests you get a little naughty with your knobs.

Then, my friends, may we introduce you to our Star Wars Light Saber Keys. Sure to be the envy of your neighbors, these keys come in a set of 2, either Blue/Red OR Purple/Green

But BEWARE this cautionary note from Yoda himself:

"Be sure to check your key type before you buy, you should. Kwikset and Schlage keys, different they are. Use the drop down to select your keys, YOU WILL!"

Shut Up and give me the details :

  • Custom Designed, Uniquely Shaped, Digitally Printed Space Keys
  • High quality brass core with clear coat finish that shines and protects
  • 80 mm long
  • Comes in a set of 2 (1 red, 1 blue)

Please note this listing is for the red/blue combo. Search "keys" to find our green/purple combo!

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