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Dali Watch

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A superb wristwatch featuring the surrealist master and his 'stache.

Fab Dali watch will impress & mystify surrealists, dadaists, modernists, troublemakers and pretty much anyone cool.

This wonderful watch comes in a super smart "Tempus Fugit" Unemployed Philosophers Guild presentation box.

Make telling time a mind-bending thrill when the artist's mustache becomes the minute and hour hands of this surreal watch, while one of Dali's ubiquitous ants circles the face every minute.

...garunteed not to melt over any clocks (we hope).

Now SHUTUP and give me the details!

Quartz movement//dial material window is quartz

Case diameter: 1.25”

Band material: imitation leather

Band width: 0.75”

Band color: black

Dial color: brown

Watch weight: 4.80 oz.

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