5 Star Wars Items That You Need In Your Life

In a galaxy far, far away… We picked out these 5 awesome Star Wars products for everyone to enjoy!

Solo: A Star Wars Story was a success back in May and we’d like you to be a part of the adventure across the world of Naboo and beyond through these items. There’s a plethora of Star Wars gear to choose from here at Shut Up and Take My Money, but let us walk you through some of our favorites (and must-haves for everyone!)

May the force be with you!


Lightsaber Wall Mounts


Channel your inner Jedi by getting these trusty lightsaber mounts from Etsy. Lightsabers of various sizes should handily fit these mounts, allowing you to have them on display just right about anywhere. Recent purchases were made by moms who wanted to give their young Padawan light in the darkness using the glow of their sabers.

You’re just a click away from having your own mounts from Etsy.

*** Handmade item using Aluminum, metal, and steel with a 3″x2″ height which allows a majority of different sabers to fit the mount. It works with Saber Wall Mount, Horizontal Mount, Stand Mount, Desk Mount, Fits Hasbro FX Models, Master-FX Replicas, and most Custom Sabers 1.5″ Wide without gasket insert.

*** Made in the USA and built to last by utilizing a superior patent design and weight ratio technology that allows you to display your lightsabers on any surface (or even sideways!) without having to worry about damaging your sabers.


Lightsaber Flashlight


The dark side is always upon us and we’d like to equip ourselves with the solution to the darkness with this custom Light Saber Flashlight. Powered by AAA batteries, find the things you’ve been looking for with this elegant yet handy tool.

Time to get your own lightsaber from Amazon.

*** This Plastic Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber Flashlight measures 9 3/4-inches x 1 1/4-inches in circumference and has the sound effects of an actual light saber that you just beamed up.

*** Comes in bright blue LED’s to give you that Skywalker feels whenever you flash it into something.

Yoda Beer Mug


“Drink a lot, you must not.”

The wise words of Master Yoda should always be followed.. but not when you’re thirsty for more booze! This custom mug was designed to make drinking delightful yet full of wisdom. Don’t get us wrong, it probably takes a drunk person to speak like Yoda but you could always learn his craft by converting your normal speech to Yoda speak here.

But if you just wanna drink and drink with the Master’s presence, grab your own mug via Etsy.

*** A pretty thick glass that could house 26 ounces of beer with Yoda engraved. 7 inches tall 3 1/2 inches at the mouth which helps you drink conveniently to your heart’s delight!

*** You could have your name personalized (20 characters maximum) on the mug for no extra cost.


R2D2 Mini Fridge


We’ve always treated R2D2 like a personal butler of sorts and he’s up for the task by keeping your drinking goodies cool and ready with this R2D2 Mini Fridge. It also has the ability to go on heating mode if you feel like you’ve frozen something too much and it needs to be thawed. R2D2 has served the likes of Padme Amidala, Luke Skywalker, and Anakin Skywalker and you should definitely be next!

Get your own andromech droid fridge from Amazon!

*** An officially licensed Disney/ Star Wars Product that gives you that feeling of having your own R2D2 that keeps your drinks cold all the time.

*** Can fit up to 18 cans of 12 Oz. beverages and is equipped with 2 shelves. Weighs approx. 13.5 Lbs (6.13 KGS) and should be easy to bring around with you for trips outside the home. Just make sure there’s electricity to keep it running!

*** Top handle pulls out for moving around, and it has a thermoelectric system which enables classic refrigeration mode and secondary heating mode when you flip the switch.

Chewbacca Hoodie

It’s Chewiieeeee.

Wanna look like a Wookiee? Nothing beats being one if you’re Chewie! One of the Star Wars franchise’s most beloved characters has always been the easiest character to portray in real life without trying hard to look like one.. if you wear this jacket! Made from imported items that give you that real Wookiee fur feeling, this classy hoodie should keep you warm during the cold season, and rebellious during your battles with the dark side. Just gotta get that Han Solo partner to stop acting solo and you should be good to go in your intergalactic adventures.

What are you waiting for? Start the Wookiee parade by getting this from Amazon.

*** Made from imported cotton and polyester, this Chewbacca costume jacket features zip-up front, diagonal sash applique, and an adjustable drawstring hood.

*** Make sure that it’s only hand washed and dry flat.


The force is strong on this one, young Padawan. You can never go wrong with Star Wars!

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